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Would Anybody Listen to Curling on the Radio?

That’s the question I posed to myself as the torch was extinguished by a barrage of digital snowflakes.

Even the action-packed events such as The Halfpipe, I found myself not enjoying as much. Everything is so technical, and to my untrained eye, most athletes are attempting to do a slight variation of the same program for points.

That kind of sounds like radio. I’ll get to that.

What kept me from flipping the channel or engaging the Netflix is the combination of story and action (which usually reinforces the story). If the producers, directors, commentators and crew of thousands do their job. They give you an experience.

How do you do that on the radio?

On a given summer Saturday afternoon I hear a Cubs or White Sox game blasting from an AM radio somewhere in the neighborhood. Something is causing fans to take in a game while trimming the hedge without the pleasure of seeing the manager chew and spit.

Westwood One provided radio coverage which included the ceremonies, packaged updates and hockey. People do listen to hockey on the radio. But what about Curling?

What if your biggest client gave your station big bucks and an all-expense-paid opportunity to go to the Winter Games, but you had to cover Curling? Done!

Would the breaks sound like the average Saturday afternoon remote broadcast that interrupts my music? “Come on down and register to win a gift certificate for free car washes for a week”!!

That’s the part I promised to get to earlier.

There’s a story to tell. An underappreciated, misunderstood sport featuring guys with Dad bods. There’s the rare comradery of a Cheese head and Minnesotans. Somebody on that team probably overcame some unspeakable adversity.  What about the local Arbys that went against the corporate grain to serve, for a limited time only: Curling Fries.

So, if you get a chance today, ask your midday jock, “How would you cover Curling on the radio”?

The answer will speak volumes.