Why do you need a Radio Coach?

Radio company operators everywhere are trying to find ways to generate more revenue. Meanwhile listeners are bombarded with more choices and distractions. Broadcasters need a product that will cut through and squelch the noise. They need great ideas that will keep people interested in the medium, while giving advertisers a premium platform to deliver their marketing message.

Programming vet Timothy Crull knows that every radio operation needs a coach. Every station needs someone to help PDs become more efficient, effective, creative and in synch with the industry and its latest technology. Someone to make sure talented people are maximizing their talents. Someone who can coach the programming department to become the “Great Idea Department”.

Leading changes in various roles, most often as Program Director, Timothy has been a part of many great launches and reinvention projects at WXRX, WGFB, WRTB and even an HD2/Translator combination: Classic Hits “The MIGHTY 100.5”. In each instance, he applied the key elements that later formed the foundation of “The Fitness Test”. It’s the complete analysis of station and its competition, rating performance in music, personality, content, imaging and marketing. A “Why” score is added, based on the question, “Why are they doing this”?

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Industry-wide belt-tightening has led to the belief that hiring “fresh eyes” to look at a product is financially out of reach. Timothy dispels that belief. For an affordable price you get:

  • An overall performance analysis of your properties as well as the competition.
  • Music software review
  • Daypart monitoring and reports
  • PD talent coaching
  • Product, promotions, marketing and imaging strategy sessions.
  • Weekly update calls
  • IDEAS!

Call or e-mail and get your “Fitness Test” : 815-519-0504/ info@cruller.net

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